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December 30, 2009


Bobby Casey

I agree that cutting expenses is the right thing, but I doubt it is likely to happen. Obama's first year budget was 30% higher than Bush's budget and I see that trend continuing. He is advised by a bunch of Keynsian economists that think we can spend out way out of this hole, but the piper must be paid. Our real problem is fundamentally our method of taxation. You always get less of what is taxed and we tax more on productition and less on consumption. We tax productive activities like income and investing and we incentivize consumption by offering tax credits and low interest rates. In order to have economic growth, we need to completely overturn this policy and tax consumption and incentivize production.


with 55% of the federal budget going to the military and costs associated with the military the goverment is paralyzed unless military spending is cut.

"When was the last time that government did anything right?"

that's just a stupid statement from someone who should know better. the last time just one example - the murder rate is the lowest in NYC since records were kept (1962). So the answer to the question is NOW. like business government makes a lot of mistakes. deregulating the banking industry - well that was a big one. Getting rid of certain meat inspections there's another one. the current wars - But private industry makes at least the same number of mistakes.


"In order to have economic growth, we need to completely overturn this policy and tax consumption and incentivize production."

Right, let's focus on increasing production while decreasing consumption.

Ever notice what happens when supply exceeds demand?

Great idea.

And I'm with Joel. This business of bashing "the government" is stupid beyond words.

"Less government" got us into the mess we're in with allowing insane leveraging of inane packaging and reselling of insanely sold types of mortgages.

Greed, improperly regulated, just screwed us all.

Sure, let's have more foxes guarding the hen house, it worked so well before!

- Small Business Owner

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