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November 23, 2009


Ilene Drexler - Certified Professional Organizer of The Organizing Wiz ®

As a professional organizer, my favorite email tip for Outlook is to drag and drop an email directly from your inbox to your calendar folder, to avoid having to enter the item manually on your calendar. Perfect for when the email needs follow up on a specific date (make it an all day event) or if it needs to be appended to a meeeting invitation for discussion at the meeting. Once you drag the message to the calendar folder, just update the date/time on the calendar popup window. A copy of the original email will also stay in your mail folders.


Daria's reco is a great one!!

William Anderson

unfortunately, as business owners/executives, we're all slaves to email to some extent, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing.

i set up my mail application (apple mail) in the following way:

+ view | organize by thread
+ create a folder: action
+ create a folder: to file
+ create a folder: filed

the 'organize by thread' allows me to quickly navigate a single conversation.

the 'action'/'to file' folders are associated with an imap account, so i can review when i'm on my mobile.

the 'filed' folder is a single folder that holds all my correspondence (which is terrific for searching).

i also turn off all email bells and whistles such as automatic send/reply, alerts, sounds, etc. this gives me the sense that i have a bit more control over my email.

when an email comes in, i quickly review it. if it needs immediate attention, i respond and drop it in the 'filed' folder. if it's not urgent, but needs my attention, i drop it into the 'action' folder. if i'm not able to get to my 'action' folder before i head out on the road, i still have access to it (since it's an imap-based folder/account).

rules are another great tool - just be sure to review them from time to time!

Matthew Weiss, President of Weiss & Associates, PC

This is a great topic and I am embarrassed to say that I check and respond to emails way to often. Thanks Rob (and team) for reminding me to check less frequently and consequently increase my efficiency.

Naomi E. Goodhart, Primerica Senior Representative

In the statement about what Amy will be doing about reading email, the word "try" was used. What you're really saying here is that she wishes she will cut back. In fact, others things will get in the way of her "trying" to cut back. She is telling her subconscious that she's not really committed to the effort.

If, instead, she told herself she "is in the process of" or "working towards," her subconscious mind will hear something else and will work to help her get to her goal.

This method has worked for me for years. Try it and see for yourself!

NY Organizer

You've made a lot of good suggestions in this post. I have found, that it is best to create a work-only email account. I keep separate accounts for newsletters, etc, that I stay logged out of during work time, much like you suggested. This has worked out very well for me. The method Daria has implemented sounds very effective as well. Thanks!

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