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November 18, 2009


Jay Ehret

Wow, Rob. I'm so glad to read what you said in #1. It's never all about one thing. There's nothing wrong with straddling the fence.

Nancy Fox

Rob, I appreciated your 4 key suggestions.
1. Agree totally
2. Yes
3.This applies to thinking about strategy as well. My conclusion: people aren't spending time on just "thinking" anymore - too busy doing
4.Not sure this holds true anymore. Trust can be built from an online connection that moves to a phone conversation, and then to a face to face meeting. For print to work well, has to be directed at very well thought out target audience. Can't tell you how much print collateral material I see clients/colleagues throw out without reading.

Maria Marsala


Regarding #1 - I used to say that the biggest mistake business owners made was to not have a plan... but truth is, you can't create a marketing plan if you don't know exactly who you're marketing, too!

Regarding #2 - I'd add "a 12-month monitoring system"

#3 - some of us, like me are better off hiring someone to take care of the creative stuff :)

#4 - Loved Mr. Daly's webinar, everyone should go find it!

gene sower

Have you been reading my blog for inspiration? http://samsonmedia.net/blog/widgets-twitter-blogging-oh-my-2.0/

Or do great minds think alike? (inspired by the Wizard of Oz, of course)

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